Summer ReGistration Mar 17th

Soggy Zoggy Aquatics 

Water Fun for Life

Learn to Swim- Level 5

Tuition is for the number of schedule lessons listed (weather permitting), not the price for each meeting at the pool.
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Location Codes  Cim = Cimarron, HAC= Heritage, Lee = Lee Park,NL = North Lake, Sent = Senter Park
​​Prerequisites for LEVEL 5 

At least one session of Level 4 and technical knowledge of four major strokes.

Goals:  Improved stroke proficiency and distance in all major strokes.  Students learn flip turns, drills and some basic lifeguard prep skills.  Most students need 3 sessions of this class.

This class is for ages 8 to 15. Must be able to swim 25 yards unassisted.