Location Codes:  Cim = Cimarron, HAC= Heritage, Lee = Lee Park, NL = North Lake, Sent = Senter Park
Level 1 is for beginner swimmers.   To join, you must be at least 5 years old.

In this level your child will gain confidence and comfort in the water by learning to submerge and to float on their front and on their backs.  They will also take their first few strokes.

We cover basic kicking, arm mechanics and breath control with an emphasis on maintaining a horizontal level body position.  This level uses instructional floatation devices to build comfort and confidence in the water.   Skills are introduced and reinforced with games, guided exercises and repetitive practice.  Most students need 2 to 3 sessions of this class.

Safety skills include monkey crawl to the side, U-turn to the edge, and exiting from the edge.

  • Swim or glide with wet face and ears for 3 to 6 feet with level body position with light support.
  • Fully submerged head for 3 to 5 seconds
  • Back float or glide with level body position with light support

Learn to Swim- Level 1

Soggy Zoggy Aquatics 

Water Fun for Life

​​​​Class size is usually limited to 6 students with a minimum of 4 students.

Tuition is for the number of schedule lessons listed (weather permitting), not the price for each meeting at the pool.


  • If you see an Enroll link, the class has openings. 
  • ​If you see Waitlist, you do not have a spot. If a spot opens up, we email the waitlist. Enrollment is first come, first served. You will NOT be automatically enrolled if you join a waitlist. There is no fee for joining a waitlist. 
  • If there is no link, either registration has not opened up yet, or the waitlist is full.  
  • To register for swim lessons as part of the Rec Center Day Camp  at Senter visit Irving Parks and Recreation Day Camps.

Weather notification- If you opt in for texting, if we have an unplanned class cancellation such as lightning in the area, we will text you. We do not offer makeup lessons or refund tuition for weather cancellations.

​​Drop/Transfer Fees- No charge w/in 24 hours of registration and $20 after 24 hours. ALL SALES ARE FINAL 7 DAYS BEFORE CLASSES BEGIN. To drop a class, email info@soggyzoggy.com.