Adult Level 1- Designed for the  absolute beginner. This course is designed to teach streamline balance to be able to swim 5 yards. We have taught lots of adults who were terrified of the water to swim!

Adult Level 2- This course focuses on side breathing.  With side breathing, it is designed to take you from 5 yards to 15 yards. It may include deep-water work depending on pool and class time.

Adult Level 3- Stroke Improvement. Swimming is more like golf or tennis than cycling or running. Small differences in balance, streamline, kick and arm techniques make big differences in how far you can swim. This class focuses on technique and distance.

Learn to Swim- Adults

‚ÄčUnfortunately, not everyone gets to learn to swim as a child. Never fear, it's never to late to learn.  If you've ever wanted to swim, or perhaps do a triathlon, we can help you on an adventure of a lifetime.

Not sure which class you want?
Our Adult classes  are offered for three different levels.  To find the right class, select from the following. Note- Like our kid's classes, while everyone is different, most adults need two or three classes before moving to the next level.

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Water Fun for Life