Hot Tip-!
  • Make sure goggles fit snugly either all the way over the eyebrows or all the way under the eyebrows.
  • Make sure no hair is trapped under the google seal. (Use a hairband or a swim cap.)

For Kids
Below are a few products our staff use that can to improve your swimming experience.  Being warm can make a big difference in your learning experience!  If you are sensitive to the cold, we highly recommend the shorty style wet suits.  FULL DISCLOSURE-- We receive a small commission from these Amazon links.
North Lake's pool is kept cool (84F) for lap swimming. If you or your child is sensitive to the cold, you may want to consider a lightweight 3mm wetsuit such as the following which we use for staff and private lesson clients.
  • Wetsuits And Swim Jackets
Please refer to this link for attire the city of Irving allows for swim wear and what they do NOT allow (i.e. athletic gear, leotards, gym shorts).​
Children​ (boys​)
Use ear drops after swimming.

It clears out the water so you can hear and prevents ear infections.

You can also use isopropyl a alcohol and eyedropper.

You always want to look at the ceiling so you do not get any in your eyes!
Children​ (girls)
Lily recommends these swimmer hair products to protect and help your hair stay healthy.
  • Ear drops
* We receive a small referral from Amazon on the products, but these are items we use for staff and private lesson clients.
  • You may use any city-approved swimsuit. However, it is easier to swim in form-fitting swimsuits that have less drag.
  • For modesty, you may wear a shirt to cover your swimsuit if you wish.  Short sleeve, tight-fitting shirts are easier to swim in than loose long sleeve shirts.  Any shirt should be a synthetic material NOT cotton which gets very heavy in the water.
  • No swim gear will be allowed that can cover the mouth or nose, or is excessively loose, or heavy when wet.
The TYR is Jim's favorite swim suit!  It seems to hold up well in chlorine.
For Adults​


Soggy Zoggy Aquatics 

Water Fun for Life

  • Swim Jackets
  • Swimsuits
These water-resistant swim jackets will help you stay extra warm after swim lessons. I like them for non-swimming as well because they are full length and cut the wind!  -Jim
Swimming does not require much equipment, however, the right gear can make your swimming experience better!
For Water Aerobics! This top is great to workout in and helps with the colder water days. The instructor, Sarah, highly recommends it!
These can be very useful for learning to breath and imprint 'deep hands' for the perfect pull. (Adult 2 & 3)

Swim fins are smaller than scuba fins because the kick rate is faster. Jim's choice is the Speedo.

Swim snorkels should have an aggressive curved for your best head-low position.
  • Swim Snorkel and fins