Summer ReGistration Mar 17th

Soggy Zoggy Aquatics 

Water Fun for Life

Notes- Classes must have at least 4 students and may be combined based on student and staff availability.   Our Terrified class is geared for beginner swimmers and starts with getting comfortable with putting your face in the water.

Location Codes:  Cim = Cimarron, HAC= Heritage, Lee = Lee Park,  NL= North Lake, Sent = Senter Park
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In this class you learn the foundation for becoming a great swimmer.  This class covers:
  • Submerging underwater
  • Bobbing and changing body position and direction
  • Front guide
  • Front crawl with simultaneous flutter kicks and rotary arms stroke
  • Modified back stroke (flutter kick with arm sculling)
  • Beginning breathing and breath control

The goal for students in this is to be able to swim 5 yards with simultaneous arm and leg movement.  Most students need 2 sessions of this class.

Prerequisites:  Be 14 or older and ready to learn!  Goggles are required.
Tuition is for the number of schedule lessons listed (weather permitting), not the price for each meeting at the pool.

Learn to Swim- Adult 1, AND 1&2