Summer Registration is Closed!  Irving pools close in Aug. Swim classes resume in Sept!

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Water Fun for Life

North Lake Aquatic Center

North Lake (NL) is an INDOOR pool located at North Lake Community College.

Most children take 2 to 3 classes at each level to master class skills. Some learn faster; some learn slower. Children learn faster in morning classes that meet more often. As classes usually sell out, we may not be able to transfer you to a different level as class sizes are small.  These pages can help you pick the right class for kids or adults.

Classes usually meet eight times per session (weather permitting). Prices are for the entire class, not each lesson. We DO NOT DO MAKE UP LESSONS. If you opt-in for texting, we will notify you of weather cancellations, time permitting.

Most classes are 35 min.  Class size:  PreK- 4 students. LTS Lvl 1,2,3,4 are usually limited 6 students. 

You must have a swim suit or you may not be able to get into the pool. Goggles are recommended for kids and required for adults.

If you see an Enroll link, the class has openings. If you see Waitlist, you do not have a spot. If a spot opens up, we email the waitlist. You will NOT be automatically enrolled if you join a waitlist. There is no fee for joining a waitlist. 

Drop/Cancellation Fees- No charge w/in 24 hours of registration and $20 after 24 hours. ALL SALES ARE FINAL 7 DAYS BEFORE CLASSES BEGIN. Your To drop a class, email
Nov- Open classes have a link under the enroll column.   Mobile users click here if table is not displayed or view in Desktop mode.