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Soggy Zoggy Aquatics 

Water Fun for Life

Notes- Classes must have at least 4 students and may be combined based on student and staff availability.   Classes are grouped by age level to the extent practical. ​

Location Codes:  Cim = Cimarron, HAC= Heritage, Lee = Lee Park, NL = North Lake, Sent = Senter Park
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Learn to Swim- Level 2

Level 2 is for advanced beginner swimmers.  To join this class, students must be able to:
  • Front float with submerged face and level body position with light support
  • Kick and glide 6 feet with submerged face and level body position with light support
  • Fully submerged head
  • Back float with level body position with light support

In Level 2, your child will learn to swim independently in the water.  They continue to develop/improve technique on the front crawl and back stroke.  Safety skills such as under water retrieval, bobbing to safety, and position/ directional changes in the water covered.

  • Modified back stroke independently 6-9 feet.
  • Swim independently for 6-9 feet using combined arm and leg action
  • Step into the water and U-turn back to the edge independently
​Getting in the water is fun!

We offer:
·         Learn to Swim- Children
·         Adult Swim Lessons
·         Mom and Tot programs
·         PreK
·         Private Lessons
·         Personal Training