Swim Suits- You must have a swim swim suit, not athletic gear, not a leotards, nor gym shorts to get in the pool. This link shows examples of what the city of Irving allows.  Other things you may want to consider are:
  • Tighter fitting swim suits (ie jammers)  are easier to swim in than loose fitting swim suits.  
  • For modesty, you may wear a shirt to cover your swim suit if you wish.  Short sleeve, tight-fitting shirts are easier to swim in than loose long sleeve shirts.  Any shirt should be a synthetic material NOT cotton which gets very heavy in the water.
  • No swim gear will be allowed that can cover the mouth or nose, or is excessively loose, or heavy that 
  • Warmth- North Lake is kept cool (84F) for lap swimming.  If you or your child get cold easily, you may want to considera  warm swim suit such as  as 2 or 3 mm "shorty wet suit..  We RECOMMEND (but do not require) these for any PreK,, Level 1 or Level 2 classes at North Lake as well as for anyone who might be sensitive to the cold.  These are the type of swim suits our staff generally wear at North Lake.


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Swimming doesn't require very much equipment, the the right gear can make your swimming experience better.

Not sure which class you want?
Our Adult classes  are offered for three different levels.  To find the right class, select from the following. Note- Like our kid's classes, while everyone is different, most adults need two or three classes before moving to the next level.

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Getting in the water is fun!

We offer:
·         Learn to Swim- Children
·         Adult Swim Lessons
·         Mom and Tot programs
·         PreK
·         Private Lessons
·         Water Aerobics
·         Special Needs